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The project is now in progress to complete the first phase. Every month all project leaders and members attend a meeting to briefly update the sub-project outcome.

Among activities of NRGS-UiTM are:

1.  Workshop for NRGS research

We have successfully done a workshop for NRGS Research.

Date             :           3 -5 January 2014

Location       :           Minangkabau Ballroom, Thistle Port Dickson Resort, Seremban







2. Visiting National Autism Center (NASOM)

The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) is a non-profit, non-governmental welfare organisation which was formed in 1986 by a group of parents and professionals. It was registered on 3rd March 1987, as a national voluntary charitable organisation and aims at providing education, help, care and protection for people with autism and their family members. Currently, NASOM has established 14 Early Intervention Programmes and 3 Vocational Programmes for people inflicted with autism in Malaysia.

3. Ethics Proposal Preparation

4. Human Motion Laboratory Setup

5. Human Motion Training


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