Principal Investigator

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List of principal investigator Niche Research Grant Scheme – Humanoid Brain Impairment


Abdul Rahman Omar (Professor. Ir. Dr. Hj.)

Program Leader : Humanoid Brain Impairment Research

Project Leader : Humanoid Robot Epigenetic Autism Therapeutic Architecture

Specialization : Design (Quality Function Deployment, Knowledge Modeling, Ergonomics)

Control Systems

prof bakarAbu Bakar Abdul Majeed (Dato’ Professor. Dr.)

Project Leader :

Specialization : Neuroscience, Drug delivery, Bioethics


Mustafar Kamal Hamzah

Project Leader :



Noritawati Tahir (Assoc. Professor. Dr.)

Project Leader : Neuromuscular Impairment in Function of Gait Asymmetries

Specialization : Computer vision, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Gait as description biometrics, medical image analysis


Mohd Khairul Mohd Salleh (Dr.)

Project Leader :  Vertically Coupled Microwave Planar Cavities

Specialization : 

drhHanafiah Yussof (Dr.)

Project Leader : Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Autism Therapeutic Elementary Algorithm

Specialization :  Intelligent operation of humanoid robot, rehabilitation robotics, grasping and manipulation of robotic hands, tactile sensor, bio-sensor, sensor fusion, haptic virtual reality technology and intelligent control of mobile manipulators


Oskar Hasdinor Hassan (Dr.)

Project Leader : Nano-layer Barium Titanate  Adaptive High Frequency Dielectric-Permittivity

Specialization :


Rozita Jailani (Dr.)

Project Leader : Proprioceptive Deficiency Detection in Human Locomotion

Specialization : Medical Robotics, Automatic Control System, Image Processing,  Advanced Signal Processing,  Artificial Intelligent


Nursuriati Jamil (Assoc. Professor Dr.)

Project Leader : Temporal-Spatial Gait Profiling

Specialization : Signal and Image Processing, Multimedia Information Retrieval


Habibah Hashim (Dr.)

Project  Leader : Algebraic-Structure-Based Lightweight Security Technique

Specialization: Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Trusted Computing


Fazah Akhtar Hanapiah (Dr.)

Project  Leader : Epigenetics Humanoid Intervention Incorporating Religious Attribute For Brain Impairment

Specialization: Rehabilitation Medicine, Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Neuro Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Technology


Zulhabri Ismail (Dr.)

Project Leader :  Policy and guidelines framework on humanoid research involving autistic children in Malaysia

Specialization : Legal And Policy Issues in Social Science and Science & Technology Research














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