P5. Algebraic-Structure-Based Lightweight Security Technique

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P5. Algebraic-Structure-Based Lightweight Security Technique

Leader: Prof Madya Dr Habibah Hashim

In this work an important requirement of ubiquitous networked embedded systems will be addressed, namely the security of real time data communications appropriate for real-time cyber-physical system communications. Such communication protocols require low-latency deportment, and need also to surmount reliability and security issues necessary in maintaining the integrity of the data.

The main problem lies in finding a suitable cryptographic algorithm to establish public key signatures on the embedded components, such that it does not create performance problems for real time communications of sensitive data. The processing capability of the energy constrained in embedded devices requires that a low-power, real-time computing solution be found for this problem. This research project will formulate a security technique specifically to secure real time traffic, based on the algebraic structure of elliptic curves over finite fields, leading to public-key cryptography. Computational savings and hardness accorded to this approach provides the motivation for this work.

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