P7. Sensing Behavior of Memristive Metals

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P7. Sensing Behavior of Memristive Metals

Leader: Dr Sukreen Hana Herman

The project focuses on the deposition of memristive metal oxides and their characterizations focusing on tactile sensing behavior. Memristor, a fundamental circuit element that exhibits its unique properties primarily at the nanoscale. It is associated with memory elements due to the capability to memorize the resistance upon removal of applied bias. Memristor also was proposed in nano-bio sensing applications. Apart from biological and chemical sensors, memristors in physical sensors such as tactile sensors will open up wider functions in future electronic devices.

This work can be divided into two main phases. In the first phase, the sensing behavior of the memristive metal oxides, the active layer of the memristor, will be studied. On top of the response to chemical reaction or temperature, the changes of the memristive behavior in response to pressure and touch or substrate deformation will be investigated. We hypothesize that if the active layer of the memristor is deposited using piezoelectric materials that at the same time exhibit memristive behavior, tactile-sensing induced changes of the memristive behavior can be observed. Piezoelectric materials will be deposited on flexible substrates to test the tactility. Polymer flexible substrates have poor thermal resistance thus low-temperature process is the main challenge in this study. Deposition methods and parameters will be researched and optimized. The deposited thin layers will be tested for their memristive behavior and tactile sensing capability. The second phase of the work will be the integration of the memristive devices with the electronic interfacing circuits and systems to form a sensing module. The sensing module will be characterized for its sensitivity, selectivity, repeatability, linearity and accuracy.

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