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List of  Post Graduate Students registered under Niche Research Graduate Scheme (NRGS) categorized by sub project (SP) and project (P)

SP-1 (P1)  Human-robot interaction (HRI) autism therapeutic SP-1 (P2) Humanoid robot epigenetic autism therapeutic architecture
SP-2 (P3) Vertically coupled microwave planar cavities SP-2(P4) Nano-layer barium titanate adaptive high frequency dielectric-permittivity
SP-2 (P5) Algebraic-structure-based lightweight security technique SP-3 (P6) CMOS-optical-integrated multiple sensing
SP-3 (P7) Sensing behavior of memristive metal oxides SP-4 (P8) Neuromuscular Impairment due to Gait Asymmetries in ASD 
SP-4 (P9) Proprioceptive Deficiency Detection in Human Locomotion SP-4(P10) Temporal-Spatial Gait Profiling
SP-5 (P11) Epigenetics humanoid intervention incorporating religious attribute for brain impairment SP-6 (P12) Policy and guidelines framework on humanoid research involving autistic children in Malaysia
SP-6 (P13) Socio-economic, ethics and spiritual antecedents of humanoid intervention among mentally-impaired children SP-6 (P14) Modeling characteristics, cost and benefit analysis

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