List of Publications:

Project P1
  1. 3D Surface Presentations of Virtual Tilt Pad Using Moment Measurement for Pin-matrix Tactile Display
  2. Design and Ethical Concerns in Robotic Adjunct Therapy Protocols for Children with Autism
  3. Telerehabilitation in Robotic Assistive Therapy for Children with Developmental Disabilities
  4. Development of Imitation Learning Through Physical Therapy Using a Humanoid Robot
  5. IQ Level Association towards Initial Response in Robotic Intervention for Children with Autism
  6. Development of Face Recognition Algorithm for Enhancement of Social Communication of Robotic Assistive Autism Therapy
  7. Response of Children with Autism to Robotic Intervention and Association with IQ Levels
  8. Advanced Design of Columnar-conical Feeler-type Optical Three-axis Tactile Sensor
Project P2
  1. Encouraging Student with Autism to Improve Social and Communication Skills through the Game-Based Approach
  2. Humanoid Robot NAO as a Teaching Tool of Emotion Recognition for Children with Autism using the Android App
Project P3
  1. Reconfigurable Ring Filter with Controllable Frequency Response
  2. An Optimization Model of the Input Current for a Variable Input Voltage in CMOS AC/DC Converter
  3. Single Mode Ring Resonater With Harmonic Suppresion
  4. Design of a Reconfigurable Bandpass Filter Based on Dual-Band Dual Behavior Resonator
  5. Multilayer Dual-Mode Dual-Band Bandpass Filter
Project P4
  1. Influences of Epitaxial Strain and Volume on BaTiO3: Ab Initio Total EnergyCalculation
Project P5
  1.  A Secure TFTP Protocol with Security Proofs
  2. Compression and Encryption Technique on Securing TFTP Packet
  3. Performance Measurement of Secure TFTP protocol for Smart Embedded Devices
  4. Cryptographic Key Exchange Protocol with Message Authentication Codes (MAC) using Finite State Machine (Journal Procedia Computer Science by Elsevier)
Project P6
  1. Light Effect Characterization of ISFET Based pH Sensor With Si3N4 Gate Insulator
  2. Fluorescence Characteristic of Ruthenium Nanoparticles As a Dissolved Oxygen Sensing Materials in Gas and Aqueos Phase).
Project P8
  1. Autism Severity Level Detection Using Fuzzy Expert System
Project P11
  1.  Development of Imitation Learning Through Physical Therapy Using a Humanoid Robot
  2. Evaluation of Upper Limb Spasticity Towards the Development of a High Fidelity Part-task Trainer).
Project P12
  1. Building Facilities for Autistic Children in Malaysia
  2. A Review on Employee Benefits For Working With Autistic
  3. Review on Training Policy For Teachers and Parents in Using Humanoid for Autism Child
Project P14
  1. Humanoids in Autism Therapy: The Child Perspective
  2. Using Humanoids to Overcome Challenges Faced by Parents with an Autistic Child
  3. Extending Cultural Model of Assistive Technology Design For Autism Treatment
  4. Autism Children: Cost and Benefit Analysis of Using Humanoid in Malaysia).

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