Leader: Dr Mohd Khairul Mohd Salleh

In this project, vertically coupled cavities topology is proposed in order to achieve circuit miniaturization, with vertical higher order modes flexibility and ease of wave excitation. With such topology, the resonant cavities can be arranged vertically, reducing the horizontal surface occupation of the circuit. The vertical increase of size will only be in order of the thickness of the board, which is relatively very small in front of the diameter of the cavities, hence reducing the overall size of the circuit. Such freedom that is created in terms of the vertical axis will open to the possibility to introduce higher order propagation modes. This will directly open to the creation of more poles and hence to higher selectivity of the resonant circuit response. With the proposed vertical topology, the coupling from the planar lines into the cavity through the use of planar probes can also be envisaged, which will lead to much lesser perturbation and parasitic effect, avoiding the needs of electromagnetic model and trial-and-error process. Advantages from the vertical and horizontal topologies can also be combined through the integration of both of them.

UiTM Niche Research