Social Robots

How Social Robotics is Revolutionising Therapy for Autistic Children

Social robots are simpler to interact with than humans, can repeat games with infinite patience and record the data for further study. That’s changing the way autistic children learn new skills, say therapists.

One of the emerging applications of social robotics is in providing therapy for children with autism. Social robots are ideally suited to this task because they are simpler than humans to interact with, their actions are perfectly repeatable and they can be modified in various ways to meet the requirements of different children.

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Humanoid Brain Impairment Research

  • Humanoid Brain Impairment Research group is currently working on the niche direction comprising the humanity and technological aspect of brain research in Malaysia.
  • The principal investigator and researchers are coming from various areas of expertise to accelerate the brain research.
  • Humanoid Brain Impairment Research involve in a a truly interdisciplinary research initiatives with future commercial potential, multi-faculty, multi-centre of research and high proportion of aspiring junior lecturers for long-term sustainability with international potentials.

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