P12. Policy And Guidelines Framework On Humanoid Research Involving Autistic Children In Malaysia

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The group of P12 involves in several sub projects. The projects are briefly explain below:

1. Project title : A Review on Employee Benefits for Working Parents with Autistic Children

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Project Brief 

        Autism is a behavioural illness categorized based on poor communication skills, lack of social interaction and weird way of playing. As a caregiver and a worker at the sametime, 78 per cent of employees sometimes had to take short time off or leave early from work, come to work late, and being absence for a long period of time. Since children with autism needs more health services and attention, working parents are hoping to get better employees benefits from their employers. Mostly, in developed countries such as United States, employee benefits for working parents with autistic children is applicable but the employees benefits provided are very limited and it is based on the organizations’ benefits policies. This research provides a general review on previous related studies especially the one which is closely related to employee benefits for working parents with autistic children. Thus, this research can contribute to the new knowledge in creating special employee benefits in the workplace for working parents with autistic children globally.

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2 . Project title : Training Guidelines for Teacher in Using Humanoid for Autism Child

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Project Brief

Autism spectrum disorder involves a scope of development disorder distinguish by impairment related to central nervous system maturation with features include delay in social life development, problem in language, social skills and repetitive behavior. Autism is a global crisis due to prevalence rates higher in several countries and the need for treatment view to be important. The exposure of the humanoid

implementation in the country still not widely spread. Hence, government and policy makers need to recognize the challenges in order to provide better services in implementation humanoid for autism children.Therefore, this research  reviews on the training policy for teachers and parents in using humanoid for autism child. In Malaysia, there is no proper training policy for autism child through implementation of humanoid.

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3. Project Title : Frameworks of Building Facilities for Autistic Children in Malaysia


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Project Brief

The number of children diagnosed with autism has been increasing since 1980s. Generally, autistic children having difficulties with both social interactions and verbal communication skills. All the difficulties that they are facing will give an impact to their daily life especially on their learning process where they cannot concentrate or focus on their learning. Therefore, appropriate building facilities and design can reduce a negative impact to the autistic children where they will be more focus as well as imitate so as to have better development. Therefore this research is intended to identify the gap in guidelines in providing facilities needed for autistic children in order to enhance the learning process; from there, frameworks of building facilities for autistic children in will be formulated.

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4. Project Title: A Critical Study of the Legal Issues on the Use of Humanoid Robotic on Autistic Children in Malaysia

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Project Brief

The advancement of Human-Robot Interaction is moving towards developing an anthropomorphic form of robotic system – a humanoid robotic. The integration of robotic system in human setting has shifted from a structured environment carrying a repetitive task to the display of closer proximity with human user in a more complicated surrounding including the healthcare institution. The newly introduced role of humanoid robotic as an intervention therapy for autistic children in Malaysia has prompted many questions relating to the safety of the subject of the therapy and the liability accrued from it. Additional concern is identified vis-à-vis to the evolution of robotic system presumed to demonstrate a human like intelligence, flourishing the need to balance the anticipated technological benefits and human integrity. Thus, this research is intended to critically analyze the legal issues arising from the incorporation of humanoid robotic in the healthcare institution, reference be made to the existing laws in Malaysia having a significant bearing on robotic.

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