Research Members – subproject 14

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Project Title : Modeling Characteristics, Cost And Benefit Analysis of Humanoid as Brain Impairment Treatment on Malaysian Children

Project Leader


Amily Fikry (Dr.)

Specialization: Consumer Technology Behaviour, Telecommunication Marketing, Digital Marketing, Generation Y and adolescent Marketing, Buying Decision

Research Members

Hamizah Hassan (Dr.)

Specialization: Corporate Finance, Managerial Finance, Corporate Governance

Rosidah Musa (Prof)

Specialization: Customer Engagement & Experience, Brand Experience, Brand Attachment, Emotional Attachment, Retail Merchandising And Strategies, Internet/Smartphone Pathology, Social Media Literacy.



Zulhabri Ismail (Dr.)

Specialization: Policy and Legal research

Nusrah Samat

Specialization: Ethics and Management


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