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P4: Nano-layer Barium Titanate Adaptive High Frequency Dielectric-Permittivity

Project Leader

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. Assoc. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oskar Hasdinor Hassan 
. Deputy Dean (Research & Innovation)
. Faculty of Art & Design
  Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
  Shah Alam, Selangor, 40450, Malaysia
. +603-55448136

Research Members

Modified Barium Titanate nano-ceramics layer, BaTiO3 (BT), is proposed to be synthesized, while the crystal growth effects to the dielectric-permittivity high frequency performance at room temperature are to be analyzed. Barium titanate compounds are of important interest due to its high dielectric-permittivity for advanced electronic and optical devices. However, their crystallite size that is dependent on the synthesis route and sintering temperatures influences the perovskites structures and properties of conventional barium titanate. This leads to the decrease in dielectric-permittivity of grain and grain boundaries of barium titanate at high frequencies. In this work, the behavior of grains and grain boundaries a nano-structured perovskite-type of Ba1-xM’xTi1-yM’’yO3-∂ modified by M’=La, Nd and M’’=Sn, Tm, will be studied using forecasting model of a robust estimators hybrid with nonlinear artificial neural network time series. The forcasted behaviour then will be used to synthesis to increase the dielectric-permittivity at high frequency. The role of rare earth cations substitution to the Ba2+ sites is to stabilize the tetragonality of perovskites structure.

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To determine the behavior of grains and grain boundaries of modified BTO.

To confirm the dielectric-permittivity performance of modified solid solution BaTiO3 by incorporating the investigated factors of crystal growth and structural changes during sintering.

To determine the solid solubilty of of the cations in BTO

To determine the physical and chemical deposition parameter




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