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P10: Temporal-Spatial Gait Parameters Profiling

Project Leader

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. Assoc. Prof Dr. Nursuriati Jamil
. Associate Professor
. Faculty of Computer & Mathematical Sciences
  Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
  Shah Alam, Selangor, 40450, Malaysia
. +603-5521 1198

Research Members

Gait is such a common and readily observable activity that involves so much of the body. In this study, temporal-spatial gait parameters of brain impaired children are studied extensively.  We are motivated by the understanding that brain impairment relates to deformation of movement, thus we proposed to construct a unique temporal-spatial gait profile for the brain impaired child in providing theraputic intervention. Earlier studies proved that characterization of movement differences is non-trivial as it may offer clues to the underlying etiology of brain impairment. The research will be conducted in six phases: theoretical studies and investigation, participant recruitment, temporal-spatial parameter identification, data collection and analysis and temporal spatial profile construction. The expected outcome is a temporal-spatial profile unique to a brain impaired child that can be embedded in a humanoid for humanoid-based intervention. The proposed profile may serve as a foundation for other study on brain impaired diseases and further explored in the management and treatment of patients.




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